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New Host

The move to the new host is now complete. Everything should be up and running but if you do spot any errors please let me know so I can fix them!

Aug 19, 2015

Hosting Disaster – My Host Is Shutting Down Hosting

I’m this close to crying. My host is shutting down its hosting service. Starting next Monday August 10, 2015 sites won’t be publicly available anymore. Private access to website owners is available until September 10, 2015 for backup and transfering purposes.

I suppose all good things come to an end, but still – I feel like crying. Another hosting disaster.

I’ll obviously transfer my most important sites to another host ASAP (,, first and then figure out what I do about the rest.

Several of my sites’ domain names are owned by and those domains I will lose (only the domain name, not the content). So either I shut down those sites or buy new domain names for them or open them in a subdomain of this domain. We’ll see. These are those sites:



Aug 6, 2015


I have re-created the fanlisting I used to ran for Dark Skies a number of years ago: Bloodlines Please join!

Jun 1, 2015

New Themes

Both the main site and the gallery have awesome new themes :)

Sep 5, 2014

I’m Home!

I got back from the hospital a few hours ago :D I can’t tell you how weird it is writing this with my laptop, the screen feels huge after 8 days of accessing online world though a smart phone. That device is just fabulous, but computer is always a computer ;)

Anyway, I’m home. Don’t expect any updates anywhere until propably after the weekend at the earliest, and then still I’ll be updating only as long as I feel I’m not overexerting myself. I’m still very much recovering and got a month of sick leave for now, blood tests etc. once a week until I hear otherwise. And I just want to catch my breath for a few days and catch up on everything I’ve missed :)

Feb 19, 2014

Newest Hospital News

I’m still in the hospital, and don’t know when I’ll be released.

I can now confirm, that the big thing was/is my liver accompanied by a few other smaller things. Seems I’ve started recovering now though because my liver vitals improved a lot over the weekend.

There are still some liver related tests and biopsy results pending, and I guess they want to wait for those because the usual things that they look for first came up all clear, and now checking for other possible causes. So there’s no diagnosis yet.

So, heading to right direction at the moment but not out of the woods yet.

Feb 17, 2014
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